Failure leads to depression (Mental pain)

life is like a ocean which have many waves(good or bad).Sometimes it has cyclotrones .So what if you failed to do something?Was that only the job for which you were alive till the date.Make sure everyone that parameters of your failure and your  success are not other’s judgement.I might don’t know the purpose of your life but I’m quit sure its not that to satisfy everyone with what they want.

Life is vast enough to be summerised.So lets handle all the stage of life with utter most care and clear one by one instied of lagging in our past or letting our mind to lead the time.Planing is good but as we know excess of any thing is not good.So think but dont only is quit natural to leav all that happend in previous nd move on with new things…#every morning we go to get fresh what is that shit that we remove from our body nothing just the worng or unusefull things that we tooked a day before. we try to get fresh as early as we wake up y??…….#because we are going to start our brand new day and a brand new start dont need any thing from our past except our expriences…(and the energy we get from food nd we use in our next day is that exprince itself) . so forget all bad that happend to u nd start with all new kick….belive me bad comes to all but it cant effect those who know how to face it and understand the lifecycle of time…

                 Failure is not the bad thing or something that should have not happened.It is just the dark part of success in which you have to fill the colours of your hard work and dedication .Some of you might be on that stage of your life where you feel like its all over,there’s no bright rays of joys in your life.You might even get a thought of ending yourself.It happens with everyone and everyone have to face that stage once in their life .So every time when you get surrounded by these kinds of stupid ideas just leave the place where you are at that time and go out for a change in air.Their’s nothing like every thing is over or you can’t  restart things.Its quit natural my friends to have these kinds of thougths. Belive me there is nothing permanent in this world .Law of conservation of energy if you remember what it says?energy is neither created nor destroyed.

Same rule is applicable in real world too.For the things to be negative there must be some negative energy utillised  so why to worry?to neutralise that negative enery.there’s still a positive energy left man ,that will come to you now  or after awhile.All we have to do is keep doing our work with a high energy and  most important to have faith in us.We loose when we say “I can’t”.So lets speak to ourselves each and every day that

                  “I can and I will”.

While speaking so, what we do is nothing we just  boost up ourselves with high enthusiasm and fill ourselves with positive vibrations.Which helps us to work properly and kick out all those negative vibrations.So have faith in yourselves.Never loose the attitude of winning .You might fail 2-3 times but your positive attitude will only help you to stand up and run in the race all again.MAY GOD BLESSE YOU!!!

                                                        Its not a bad thing to fail but not getting up after facing failure is a sine…..If you noticed when ever we talk about people of great deeds  we usually come across thier failures and the hardship they have faced.If they were also failures then why do we talk about them????? 

And how it can impact your entire life…but what if we stop overthinking and pressuring our mind for something that we have already lost, what if we were never ment to be on that road……As all guru’s say this when you asked them about true love that if it left you then it was never yours and what was never yours can not be the true love or soul mate

If you want a more clear image of how we Overthink and creat problem to us that cause depression, anxiety attacks and much more serious mental issues

That just take a very simple exampls

Suppose you lost your mobile what will be your first reaction general it is blank it is more of like your brain is not responding and for days you keep on thinking you had this important pictures and that important files into but once you get a new phone you creat a new world around it and you start loving that world as if there was never a older phone…..yes the one word for all these is MOVING ON, instead of Overthinking and taking decisions like suicide attempts one should not loose hope and always try to move on in his or her life and should keep working on keep good vibrations into them……stay fitt stay healthy

So thank you for reading my article and keep motivated and try not to be so social and even not to be overthinker that may cause million of problem as we have seen in uper part in article so keep motivated , and for more mental health article you must see my other blog for more knowledge and you must read .

So again thank you for stay at my blog .

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